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Exporting References From Endnote To Refworks Bibliography

EndNote version 7 or before users:

1. In EndNote, under the Edit menu select Output Styles.

2. From the list of output styles select RefMan (RIS) Export.

Note: If you do not see this format, open the Style Manager and check the RefMan (RIS) Export format. Close the Style Manager and repeat steps 1 and 2.

3. Select the references you want to export.

4. Under the Reference menu select Show Selected (or Show All if you wish to export the entire database).

5. Under the File menu select Export.

6. A dialog box appears for you to select the location where you want to save the file. Type a file name and select a location for importing into RefWorks. Select Text as your Save As type and click Save.

7. Go into RefWorks and from the References menu select Import.

8. Select Desktop Biblio. Mgt. Software as your Import Filter and EndNote (Ref Man RIS Format) as your Database. Make sure you select the appropriate Mac or Windows version. Browse for and select the file you just created from EndNote.

9. Click on Import at the bottom of the Import window.

10. Your records should automatically appear in the Last Imported folder.

1. Go to

2. Copy your citations from your PDF or Word document and paste them under step 1 "Enter citations". As directed, make sure each citation is on a new line.

3. Under "Choose a Citation format", choose RIS (Endnote, etc.)

4. Click the Search button.

5. Wait while the system processes your citations. You may not see anything happening, but notice you can now scroll down through a list of matching citations.

6. You can complete Step 4 and "Review the matched citations" by going down the list and clicking on the best match to your citation. However, it's often not necessary to check each citation one by one.

7. Click on Download All Selected Citations.

8. Note where your computer saves this file (called citations.ris).

9. Now log into your RefWorks account.

10. Under References select Import.

3. Under Import Filter/Data Source and Database, select RIS Format. Under Database, choose RIS format.

4. Click on Select Text File and find the file you just downloaded (name: citations.ris)

5. Click Import.

6. Your citations should be imported to RefWorks.

Other Citation Managers

1. This method will work for other citation managers that can import RIS or BibTeX files. Export as above, then find the Import command and choose the correct file type. Also, double-clicking the downloaded file sometimes works to directly import into your citation manager.