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Media and Society Essay

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Media and Society

Does society influence media or does media influence society? In a modern world, dependent on continuous communication this is a very important question. If the world were not dependent on communication over large distances, schooling on a mass basis would not be possible or necessary. Most knowledge in traditional cultures was local knowledge, (Geertz 1983) traditions that were passed on through a local community, a very slow and long drawn out process. Today we live in the "Whole World" in a way that would have been inconceivable to anyone who lived before the 19th century.


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An average reader loves a good scandal, especially something to do with anyone in the public eye regularly, for instance: royalty, popstars, footballers and film stars. What society wants to read about is their private life and just how they live, and this puts pressure on the media to travel further to gather stories.

An increase in the "paparazzi" has led to a great deal of pressure being put on the rich and famous, with every detail of their private life being examined, all for the sake of a story that will satisfy society.

On the other hand, it cannot be doubted that media influences people's attitudes and outlooks by conveying a variety of information which is acquired from newspapers, books, television, films, recorded music, magazines, showing how wide and dense the structure of today's media is.

'Recreational' media such as newspapers and television have great bearing on society. Not because the media control popular opinion, but because this media is the source of information on which the public feel qualified to pass moral judgement and decisions.

Television is a big business, with incredible influence. It is probably the single most important device in the last thirty years of media. It affects children as they are growing through their formative years, and their

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It is true that with the advancement of new technology such as internet, wifi etc, it has becoming easier and faster for media to deliver information and news into the public. nevertheless, it has brought a stronger influence than they were before in older days. some people believe that these influence may bring into negative development. To a certain extend, I agree that media could bring negative impact. however, I also believe that media has a good intention in sharing their information. this essay intend to share some of the reasons.

Media has play a vital role in delivering message to people in the mode of magazine, television, radio or internet. With the easy access of internet, more news channel and other television programme available, getting information has becoming faster and more interesting to the viewer. The advantages people could gain from news media is that, it gives us information on events happening around us and on other country. in addition, receiving different kind of news, it gives us a broader option and hence enhance our critical thinking in making everyday-life decision making. Apart from that, the development of well-known social media network such us 'Facebook', has enable people to share 'Status', photos, events etc on the internet without having to send a print-out photos or invitation to an up-coming event to events that has already occured.

On the other hand, media could also bring a bad influence to the viewer especially to young children. Many television programme nowadays had broadcast channel that project more of social problem such divorce among celebrity, criminal, pornography etc. This type of programme could bring a negative impact on children as children tend to act upon on what they saw. Additionally, media which include advertisement that uses actresses and actor, could influence children to follow and buy certain product although it is not necessary to buy as they want to look similar like their idol.

In conclusion there are convincing arguments both for and against positive and negative development a news media could bring. Some people believe that media dominantly bring negative impact to the society. In my opinion, media could bring positive development if it is being use wisely and appropriately.