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Bis 221 Week 1 Assignment Part

Computer Hardware and Software PaperMany people think that computers are a recent invention but they actually go back to the 1940. With the advancements in technology todays computers are much smaller than their predecessors, in fact some of the first computers were the size of large warehouse’s and weighed an upwards of 46 tons or 92,000lbs. not many people know this but the smart phones that we carry with us everywhere are actually more powerful than the computers that first sent man to the moon. In this paper I will be goingover the hardware components, operating systems, and application software of a computer system and determine how they all work together.HardwareThere are many different components to computer but only some of these components are essential to the computers operation. These component are the CPU (central processing unit), the ROM (read only memory), the RAM (random access memory) and the storage. All of these components have to work together as one single unit along with the software to make up your computer. CPU (pronounced as separate letters) is the abbreviation for central processing unit. Sometimes referred to simply as the central processor, but more commonly

2Decision Making Process for Computer PurchaseEvery day we are faced with situations in life that require us to make some sort of choice. Some of these decisions are considered easy, and there are times when reaching a decision for making a purchase can be a difficult process. Easy decisions usually consist to things such as, where to go to eat or what movie to see. Examples of difficult decisions consist of where to go to college or what type of computer will best fit my needs. Regardless of what decision you need to make, there are steps which need to be taken to make the best possible decision.The Different ProcessEvery consumer today has their own particular needs which make them make many different decisions. Depending on the consumer’s opinion about a particular product or service can make the decision making process for a computer a complex one to make. There is a common consensus among many professionals that the decision making process can range from five to seven steps depending on the model the individual decides to use (Dudovskiy, 2013).The five step decision making process includes; a want or need that is recognized, the search process, comparison among the different types of computers, the selection of the product and evaluating the decision that was made (Flekel, 2013). The six stages of the consumer buying process encompasses; recognizing there is a problem, researching information, evaluation of the alternatives, deciding on the purchase, the purchase, and the post purchase evaluation (Jones, 2014).The seven step process concerning the computer purchase are; choosing the appropriate size screen, the processor, the battery life, whether it should be a wireless or desktop model, the amount of memory the computer can retain, what type of graphics are desired and the hard drives(Bristow, 2013).