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We are looking for young talents (only aspiring and existing college and universities students. Country preferred: Australia, UK, US, UAE, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand) for’s marketing activities. The candidates will be working towards brand building and brand promotion. Overall get the students on board and convert them into customers.

Job Details

  • Education - Studying in College/Universities (UG/PG/Doing Research)
  • Industry - Education
  • Functional Area - Branding and Promotion, Business Development
  • Role - Brand Executive
  • Salary - $1000/£500 + Incentives (Variable)
  • Nature - Part time

Key Competencies

  • Creative, innovative, and enthusiastic
  • Self-starter, ability to work with minimum of supervision
  • Team player
  • Attention to detail, results driven
  • Flexible and open to changing priorities

Desired Candidate Profile

A young and dynamic UG/PG student with zeal for achieving goal, in the age group of 18-35 is preferable with a proficiency in English language.
We need someone with the ability to develop effective and creative inbound and outbound demand generation initiatives successfully taking programs from concept to execution to drive pipeline growth. 

  • Excellent direct-response writing and verbal communication skills. 
  • Highly creative, agile and experimental.
  • Ability to bring lots of new ideas to the team and move at a fast pace to hit aggressive goals. 

Job Description

  • To create Brand Awareness of the company.
  • To tap the potential market in the respective region (in respective college or university and nearby area).
  • Responsible to create a buzz off-line and online, through the execution of impactful brand-building initiatives (Offline: Distributing brochures and pamphlets, Outdoor poster campaigns and leafleting, Online: Social media groups, Blogs, Mailer campaigns etc).
  • Should be responsible for bringing in sales and collection.
  • Maintaining database and leveraging for all marketing campaigns SMS, email marketing etc.
  • Coordinating B2C events.

I got two assignments on World War I. The questions seemingly implied a detailed analysis of the role of journalists and Wilfred Owen’s poems on the war. I have been studying World War I in detail for the whole session and was very relaxed when these assignments were announced in the class. In fact, I did not even start working on these assignments for a few weeks since I was busy with hockey practice.

I started working on these assignments and completed them with a week left for submission. Since I had time left for submission, I gave the assignments to a known senior of mine for review. To my horror, she came to me a day later and informed me that both the papers did not answer the assignment’s question!

I panicked at that moment because I had very little time to start afresh. To top that off, the assignment questions were based on rarely known facts for which material was hardly available. So I asked for her advice to complete the assignments without having to restart them. She suggested searching online for assignment help where I could hire an expert who could write my assignments in five days.

I searched on the Internet for a writer who could pull this off and save my grade. Although I visited many websites that claimed to write perfect assignments for low prices, none of the said prices were low. All of them would have unsettled my monthly budget. All my work in the part-time job would have gone in vain if the assignments turned out to be bad. I just could not bring myself to trust their claims.

Then, I came across a review site in which the services of an assignment assisting website called ‘’ had amazing reviews from many students. Many of them had given 5-star ratings for the site’s services.

When I visited the site, firstly I had to place an order to know the prices. On browsing the site further, I found samples of previously written History assignments and read them. The quality of those assignments was top-notch and gave me confidence to place an order. Also, I placed the order knowing that I could cancel it before actually paying if I found out that the prices were too high.

When I filled in the type of assignments I needed and the number of words that were required (1200 each), I was told the price of the assignments and judging from that, I was convinced that the reviews were genuine and this site did offer assignment writing assistance at a throwaway price. So finally I decided to hire this site’s writers for my assignments and I booked my order and set them a deadline of 3 days. I also paid an additional $2 fee for a plagiarism report to ensure that the assignments were authentic.

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Curious for answers, I decided to use the live chat facility to ensure that the assignments were being worked on, and also to know why journalists were arrested even though they were keeping the soldiers’ relatives informed about the war. I also wanted to know why Wilfred Owen’s poems on war were not appreciated when he wrote them.

Now, I knew the background of these two questions but I could not find relevant material to answer the questions in detail as was required in the assignment. In the live chat, I spoke to their representative Phil and he spoke to me in the most polite manner. He assured me that the assignments were carefully being dealt with and that I would receive them before the deadline. And he cleared my doubts about the questions as well. I must admit that he is a terrific guy.

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So, I called upon my senior again that day (and luckily she had spare time) to review one assignment while I checked the other. She did not find any mistake in the assignment that she reviewed while I found some minor quotation errors in the ‘journalists’ assignment.

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