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Mgt610 Assignment 1% Solution Bsa

MGT610 Quiz # 3 Lectures 24 to 35 Spring 2017

Business Ethics (MGT610)

Quiz # 03

Lecture 24 to 35

1.Which of the following view can be seen as a middle ground between the other two? Those who advocate this view do not wish to lose the economies of scale offered by large corporations, but they also wish to ensure that large firms do not harm the consumers.

oAntitrust View
oRegulation view                          PG # 66
oDo-Nothing view
oNone of the Given

2.For internalization of the cost of pollution,a firm has to pay?

oDo not pay all those harmed by pollution
oPay half of all those harmed by pollution
oPay all those harmed by pollution
oNone of the above

3.How much in over the past 150 years, deforestation has contributed to the atmospheric build-up of CO2?

oOne third                                     PG # 71
oTwo third
oOne fourth
oNone of the above

4.A conception of nature wherein humans and nature together form a moral community is known as?

oHolism                                          PG # 76
oNone of the above

5.Gas explosion can be prevented through all except?

oEffective safety procedures
oResponsible leadership
oBoth a & b                                    PG # 93
oNone of the above

6.Fossil fuels include all except?

oWind                                             PG # 72
oNatural gas

7.Which of the following makes freedom of choice impossible?

oMisrepresentation                        PG # 102

8.Which of the following refers to the undesirable and unintended contamination of the environment by the manufacture or use of commodities?

oAirborne toxics
oPollution                                        PG # 66
oGreen house effect

9.When someone is under the influence of fear or emotional stress then it acts in?

oIrrationally                                   PG # 102
oIn both ways
oNone of the above

10.How many views do exist in society in the face of the high degree of market concentration in oligopolistic industries?

oThree                                            PG # 65
oNone of the above

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