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Essay On My Hobby Gardening Tools

Simple essay about gardening

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With the fast-paced lives that most people live nowadays, it comes as no surprise that people are looking for ways to relax and unwind. Hobbies and entertainment are all gearing towards relaxation of both mind and body. Most people just want to get away from all of life’s troubles and be able to forget these troubles even for a short while. Gardening is a relaxing hobby that can be enjoyed by people from any age group.

Relaxing Labor?
How can a hobby involving manual labor such as raking soil and planting be considered relaxing? Well, doing an activity that is not normally part of your daily routine breaks the monotony and actually provides your mind and body a chance to re-channel some energy and release some pent-up emotions.

Gardening gives you an opportunity to take your mind off daily tasks and problems and concentrate on another task entirely. Thus, it serves as some sort of replacement therapy. It forces you to relax because your mind is no longer dwelling on the pressing problems and issues that were bothering you before.

Why Pick Gardening?
There really is no set reason for taking up gardening as a hobby. Gardening, for example may be a relaxing hobby for one person because he likes the feeling of earth on his palms. Another person may like gardening because it gives him some quiet moments to ponder life’s meaning. Yet another person may find gardening relaxing because of the beautiful things it lets him accomplish. There are truly various ways by which gardening can offer you relaxation.

Taking up Gardening for a Hobby
If you would like to experience gardening as a relaxing hobby and you have never done any gardening before, it is best that you research online or read gardening books. You don’t need to read the whole thing; just give yourself a good introduction and some basic grounding. After all, getting your feet wet may be the only way to really learn about it and benefit from its therapeutic powers.

Please understand caring for plants can be overwhelming and it's easy for new gardeners to get confused. So before you get your ‘hands dirty’ here’s some of the most common mistakes new gardeners make you will want to avoid.

1. Overwatering. Most new gardeners think that the more water you give plants, the better -- when usually, just the opposite is true. Take the time to learn exactly what the water needs of your plant are and count to 10 before turning on the hose. If you are watering anything daily, you are probably watering too much.

2. Trying to Grow Non-Native Species. It is almost impossible to grow rhubarb in Texas, cactus outdoors in North Dakota, cranberries in Arizona or Vidalia onions in Michigan. Since the plant has to grow where it is planted or die, you improve its chances of survival dramatically by growing what is native to your area. Checking with a local nursery or supplier, using a seed catalog company from your region and talking to other local gardeners can save you lots of heartache -- and backache.

3. Not Knowing Your Zone.The time to plant in Illinois isn't the time to plant in Florida, and vice versa. June may be the peak of gardening season in New York, but it isn't in Southern California. Again, for local gardeners, the county AG agent and local nurseries are a good source of information.

4. Fertilizing More is Not Always Better, Often it is Worse. Take the time to learn the nutrient needs of your plants and the differences in various kinds and levels of fertilizer. If you feed your tomatoes nothing but fish emulsion, you will have lovely, big green plants. But no tomatoes. If you feed your roses lots of nitrogen-rich fertilizer you will have plenty of lovely rosebush leaves. But nary a rose.

5. Beware of Overly Invasive Plants. Often plants are listed in catalogs as readily reseeding, vigorous, having a spreading habit or being extremely hardy. This may mean the plant can become invasive and spread well beyond your intended area. Catalogs are wonderful resources for finding special plants. But some catalogs just go too far with their colorful descriptions, implying that a plant is trouble-free, carefree and practically perfect in every way.

6. Plant Lust. New gardeners would do well to avoid the "I just gotta have it!!!" syndrome. Purchasing plants that require a growing environment you cannot possibly provide is not only costly but frustrating. Going to a nursery is like going to the grocery store: Make sure you have a list, and stick to it!

7. Kill All Bugs. Those new to gardening often feel that "the only good bug is a dead bug." Not true! A healthy garden will always have a population of insect life good and bad. The key is balance. Remember, the garden isn't your house, it's theirs, and most of the insects in the flower bed and vegetable garden are good guys. They may nibble on the occasional leaf or bud, but they more than earn their keep by eating up the bad guys and providing pollination services. Less than five percent of the various insects, beetles, spiders, worms and caterpillars are true pests, so "nuking" the garden with pesticides often does far more harm than good.

8. Overcrowding. Overcrowding plants doesn't do them any favors. Plants need room to breathe and good air circulation. They also need light to reach them, and planting too densely blocks plants' ability to reach their full potential. Overcrowding stresses plants and makes them more prone to disease.

9. Avoiding Weeding. Whether by hook, crook or hand, those weeds have to come out of the garden and flower bed, and getting them out before they go to seed can make a world of difference. You can do much to limit the problem of weeds (ground covers, mulching, etc.), but there is no free lunch. All gardens need some maintenance.

10. Not Preparing New Beds Properly. Piling soil on top of your lawn or new flower beds will not kill weeds. They will thrive and flourish in the rich new soil. Be diligent in pulling and digging the area and amend the soil. The time spent building a good, weed-free soil base before planting will make the future tending of the bed much easier and more satisfying.

Happy Gardening!