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Warrant Officer Essay



Flying for the U.S. Army is rather unique: all new aviators fly rotary-wing aircraft. While theArmy does have several fixed-wing aircraft in its inventory, these are limited to seasoned andexperienced aviators. Secondly, the Army is unique because Warrant Officer Flight Training(WOFT) contains a program casually called “street-to-seat” or “high-school-to-flight-school.”Civilians (college degree not required) may apply for this program. If selected, you sign acontract. If not selected, you have no obligation to the Army and are still a civilian. Soundeasy? It’s not.The WOFT Application Process works to eliminate those without the motivation to followthrough. It is stressful, there are many components, and if flying for the Army is not somethingyou really want to do, this is probably the time when you’ll figure that out…unless somehoweverything works out perfectly for you. If so, I’m jealous.

As a civilian, the WOFT Packet consists of the following components:

ASVAB: Minimum 110 GT Score required. I used the ARCO book and got a 99 AFQT/139 GTScore, but apparently ASVAB for Dummies is highly recommended by many. Seriously.SIFT: Minimum score of 40 required. The maximum score is 80. There is no official studyguide published for this test. See this link for more information on test sections and generalguidelines. thread also has significant tips and advice from people who have taken the SIFT: MEPS Physical: Your recruiter will schedule this for you, most likely in conjunction with yourASVAB test. Try to get this done as early into your application process as possible, so that youknow if you are disqualified for something like color-blindness, which is non-waiverable forpotential aviators.Class 1A Flight Physical: While it is easier for your recruiter to schedule this, it is sometimespossible for you as a civilian to do it. If you have a lazy recruiter, track down the number of the local Army flight surgeon that would perform the flight physical. Note: this is NOT thesame physical given by FAA-certified flight physicians (read: the civilian version will notreplace the Army physical).APFT: You must pass, but to be competitive, you must score very well. A “competitive” scoreis usually considered a 270+. The APFT standards can be found

Essay about Disrespecting/Disobeying Nco's

1077 WordsJul 16th, 20125 Pages

Article 91 covers insubordinate conduct towards warrant officer, NCO, or PO. This is broken down rather heavily throughout the article covering as many bases and loopholes as possible it seems. After reading the article I have realized that not only did I disregard or fall under two of the categories in the article but I fall under two of the first three. The first one that I fell under was “treats with contempt or is disrespectful in language or deportment toward a warrant officer, noncommissioned officer, or petty officer while that officer is in the execution of his office.” Regardless of what I assumed the situation to be I stepped out of line when I proceeded to call Corporal Delorge a “jackass”. Not only is it being disrespectful in…show more content…

The second way that I fell into violation of article 91 was willfully disobeys the lawful order of a warrant officer, noncommissioned officer, or petty officer. To make matters worse for myself I disobeyed a lawful order given out by a noncommissioned officer as a repercussion to my first transgression. I could have more than likely completely avoided the paperwork and documentation of me disrespecting a NCO by merely dropping down and doing pushups when he told me to after verbally disrespecting him by calling him a jackass. So not only did I disrespecting said NCO with obscene language I also did it by disobeying the order following thereafter. But no, being the disrespectful and disobedient private that I am I instead looked away as if there order to get down was not heard. Yes this escalated matters even further. One must learn from his mistakes and take something from every situation whether negative or positive this situation being completely negative leaves more to be interpreted and applied to life than most. What I’ve learned from the buildup and negative development in this situation is that regardless of how you think a situation is going listen and obey all orders given. If you think something is a joke go along with it if it is coming from one of your superiors because it could be more serious than you

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