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Freedom Of Speech Essay Ielts Topic

Freedom of Speech Essay

by namrata vyas

Is freedom of speech necessary in a free society?

Nowadays, globalization and multiculturalism has changed the viewpoint of the people by adopting themselves as smarter, quicker and effective communicator. In older days, people used to accept any rules whatever they have been told to them without (taking) anyone’s opinion whether in running government, family or society. They used to respect and behaved as told to them.

First, Freedom of thought, views and speech is the most fundamental duty of every person of different nations because without sharing remarks or thinking nobody knows about solution of any cause. Liberty of words shows the power especially in politics or government. Most importantly, everyone has right to think and act for battlement of society without causing harm or prestige of some individual.

Second, it is necessary to understand common people’s thought about any norms before it has been made. The Government, which only can be created by people’s opinion and their vote because without them everything can become fuzzy however freedom of speech should be allowed in such necessary circumstances. Furthermore, education, economic factors, medical, agriculture, info-tech and so on are run by common people who do anything to compete with the world. So the society is only govern by their potentiality and capabilities and knowhow of all their desire tendencies which gives rising up gradation for making a nation brighter. So government should know what citizens needs in different field in civilized society.

To conclude, people should be free from such hurdles by sharing their speech virtually. I think freedom of speech is most valuable aspects of society to build up in fruitful way. Imposing restriction in speaking may damage and survive longer without getting productive result. Freedom of speech is guaranteed by Constitution of India but it does not allowed to speak whatever trash or rubbish which cause harm to others or to disrespect you. Your speech should point out such defects and wrong done by others moreover it should not touch personal life.


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No one can argue that the freedom of speech is an important basic right in human beings. Many modernized countries are more likely to give this freedom to all citizens. Some people think that it is necessary in a city. Personally, I assert with this statement for a couple reasons.

To begin with, the freedom of speech is very important for all citizens. People should have the basic right to express what they think without any strict from the government. The government should encourage citizens to express their thoughts freely. This is a good way to improve the relationship between the government and people. If citizens can debate or give some feedback to the government, it will help to improve a society significantly. Without the freedom of speech, residents may be not satisfied with the government decisions or policies which can lead to some conflicts in a city and can develop to rebellion later. Therefore, the freedom of speech not only can improve the relationship between the government and people, it also affects to the stability of a nation.

Moreover, the freedom of speech also has another positive aspect. With the freedom of speech, it is an effective way to communicate between official parties. In term of government workers, politicians will be able to reflect what they think and debate others by giving speech to people. Moreover, candidates also have a chance to declare their policies and plan the future of a city to all residents. The misinterpretation between citizens and politicians will not happen, if a city has the fundamental right such as giving a speech freely.

In conclusion, the freedom of speech has many merits to citizens and a society. Even though many countries already outlaw this basic right and encourage people to show their perspective freely, some countries still limit people to express their thoughts. Hopefully, in the future some nations will give this freedom to all their citizens without forcing or muzzling.